Impresos populares europeos. Cultura visual

Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures

Popular Print in Europe (1450-1900)

Rospocher, Jeroen Salman, Hannu Salmi (eds.)

Berlin/Boston: : De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2019, 302 pp.

ISBN: 978-3-11-063951-3


This volume explores the challenges and possibilities of research into
the European dimensions of popular print culture.Popular print
culture has traditionally been studied with a national focus. Recent research
has revealed, however, that popular print culture has many European dimensions
and shared features. A group of specialists in the field has started to explore
the possibilities and challenges of research on a wide, European scale. This
volume contains the first overview and analysis of the different approaches,
methodologies and sources that will stimulate and facilitate future comparative
research. This volume first addresses the benefits of a media-driven approach,
focusing on processes of content recycling, interactions between text and
image, processes of production and consumption. A second perspective
illuminates the distribution and markets for popular print, discussing
audiences, prices and collections. A third dimension refers to the
transnational dimensions of genres, stories, and narratives. A last perspective
unravels the communicative strategies and dynamics behind European bestsellers.This book is a source of inspiration for everyone who
is interested in research into transnational cultural exchange and in the
fascinating history of popular print culture in Europe.

Massimo Rospocher and Jeroen Salman
Introduction: Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures

I. Media, Intermediality

Daniel BellingradtThe Dynamic of Communication and Media Recycling in Early Modern Europe: Popular
Prints as Echoes and Feedback Loops

Rebecca CarnevaliIconographies and Material Culture of Illustrated Cheap Print from
Post-Tridentine Bologna

Andreas Würgler“Popular Print in German” (1400-1800). Problems and Projects

II. Markets, Prices, and Collections

Francesca TanciniThe Railway Library and Other Literary Rubbish that Travels by the Rail

Goran ProotShifting Price Levels of Books Produced at the Officina Plantiniana in Antwerp,

Flavia BruniFaraway, So Close: Frontier Challenges for Inter-National Bibliographies

III. Transnational Approaches

Jean-François Botreland Juan Gomis
“Literatura de cordel” from a Transnational Perspective. New Horizons for an
Old Field of Study

Alice ColomboThe Translational Dimension of Street Literature. The Nineteenth-Century
Italian Repertoire

VI. Contents

Jordi Sánchez-MartíThe Printed Popularization of the Iberian Books of Chivalry across Sixteenth-
Century Europe

Julia MartinsThe Afterlife of Italian Secrets: Translating Medical Recipes in Early Modern

Niall Ó CiosáinPopular Print in Unofficial Languages. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany

IV. Genres and European Bestsellers

Claudia DemattèThe Spanish Romances about Chivalry. A Renaissance Editorial Phenomenon on
Which “The Sun Never Set”

Elisa MarazziCrossing Genres: A Newcomer in the Transnational History of Almanacs

Reinhart SiegertThe Greatest German Book Success of the Eighteenth Century. Rudolph Zacharias
Becker’s “Noth- und Hülfsbüchlein” (1788/1798) as the Prototype of Printed
Volksaufklärung and its Dissemination in Europe

Rita SchlusemannA Canon of Popular Narratives in Six European Languages between 1470 and 1900.The
“Griseldis”-Tradition in German and Dutch



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