Especies de espacio en la Justicia

David Marrani

Space, Time,
Justice: From Archaic Rituals to Contemporary Perspectives

Abingdon, Oxon; New York: Routledge; 2017, 160 pp.

ISBN: 9781138703254


This book merges philosophical, psychoanalytical and
legal perspectives to explore how spaces of justice are changing and the effect
this has on the development of the administration of justice. There are as
central themes: the idea of transgression as the starting point of the question
of justice and its archaic anchor; the relation between spaces of justice and
ritual(s); the question of use and abuse of transparency in contemporary
courts; and the abolition of the judicial walls with the use of cameras in
courts. It offers a comparative approach, looking at spaces of justice in both
the civil and common law traditions. Presenting a theoretical and
interdisciplinary study of spaces of justice, it will appeal to academics in
the fields of law, criminology, sociology and architecture.


— Introduction

— Transgression as the big bang of society

— Judicial spaces and ritual(s) of justice: the
relation between time and space in the trial

— Contemporary spaces of justice: use and abuse of

— The abolition of the judicial walls: cameras in
courts and the reshaping of judicial spaces

— Conclusion.


Dr David Marranistudied law, philosophy and psychoanalysis in France
and in the UK. He is professor and director at the Institute of Law, Jersey. He
teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students on Common Law Reasoning,
Comparative Law, Comparative Public Law, Jurisprudence and Critical Studies. He
is a Visiting Professor at several European and International universities. His
research relates to comparative public law and the intersections between law,
philosophy and psychoanalysis. He is series general editor for Routledge
Research in Constitutional Law and the SLS convenor for comparative law.

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