Reciprocidades: Malinowski y Derecho


Bronislaw Malinowski’s Concept of Law

MateuszStępień (ed.)

Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016, IX, 106 pp.

ISBN: 9783319420240

First book on Malinowski’s legal thoughts. Comprehensive
reading of Malinowski’s understanding of law. Sheds new light on the
intellectual background of Malinowski’s thoughts. Offers new “data” for
scholars and students interested in the anthropology of law, sociology of law
and history of social and legal theory. Provides completely new readings of
Malinowski’s legal thought. Establishs a bridge between Malinowski’s
conceptions and new trends in social sciences, especially the concept of


Not So Long Time Ago Before Malinowski:
The Puzzle of Lotar Dargun’s Influence on Bronislaw Malinowski
, by Michał Dudek

Stanislaw Estreicher: The Forgotten Master of Bronislaw Malinowski, by
Krzysztof Palecki

Malinowski’s Multidimensional Conception of Law: Beyond Common Misunderstandings,
by Mateusz Stępięń

Bronislaw Malinowski and the Anthropology of Law, by Tomáš Ledvinka

Reciprocity as a Species of Fairness: Completing Malinowski’s Theory of Law,
by James M. Donovan

Dr. hab Mateusz Stępień, Jagiellonian University, Department of Sociology
of Law, Krakow, Poland



Malinowski (1884-1942)

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