Arte y Derecho: ‚Law’s Picture Books’, catálogo de la Yale Law Library Collection para la próxima muestra en el Grolier Club de New York City

Michael Widener and Mark S. Weiner

Law’s Picture Books: The Yale Law Library Collection

Clark, New Jersey: Talbot Publishing (an imprint of
The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.), 2017, vii, 211 pp. (full color)

ISBN-13: 9781616191603

«Illustrated law books» may seem like an
oxymoron. After all, law is conceptual, analytic, and so very wordy! Yet for
the past decade, over a thousand illustrated law books have been assembled in
the Yale Law Library — spanning eight centuries and four continents. Law’s
Picture Books began as a major exhibition of that collection at the Grolier
Club in New York City, curated by Rare Book Librarian Michael Widener and legal
historian Mark S. Weiner. In challenging the stereotype of legal literature as
a dreary expanse of dry text, this book will surprise and delight both
bibliophiles and members of the legal community. This handsome full-color book
is enhanced by the essays «Collecting Yale Law Library’s Picture
Books,» (Michael Widener), «Reflections on an Exhibition,» (Mark
S. Weiner), «Ars Memoria in Early Law: Looking Beneath the Picture,»
(Jolande E. Goldberg, Law Library of Congress), and «Law’s Picture Books
and the History of Book Illustration,» (Erin C. Blake, Folger Shakespeare





Codiciable catálogo de la exposición formada a partir de
fondos de la Yale Law Library y que podrá visitarse en el Grolier Club de New
York City, del 9/13 al 11/18/17. Felicitaciones a los comisarios de la misma,
amigos Michael Widener Rare Book Librarian en la Lillian Goldman Law (Yale
University) y el historiador del Derecho Mark S. Weiner (Yale Law Scoool).






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