Derecho y Literatura. Sobre James Boyd White. Novedad bibliográfica, EEUU

Living in a Law Transformed: Encounters with the Works of
James Boyd White

Edited by
Julen Etxabe and Gary Watt

MichiganPublishing, University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, MI., 2014, 236 pp.


In 2013, an international group of jurists
gathered in London to mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of James
Boyd White’s The Legal Imagination, the book that is widely credited with
instigating and inspiring the modern “law and literature” and “law and
humanities” movements in university teaching and research. The authors of each
of the twelve essays in this collection offer a personal reflection on
teaching, researching, and practicing law in the light of White’s invitation to
reimagine the law and our own relationship with it. Each is therefore a
personal response to the challenge of bringing legal work to life and life to
legal work. Topics covered range from rhetoric to human rights, from silence to
slow reading, from film to material culture, and from the natural world to the
realm of religious experience. This book hopes to make life in the law more
meaningful for the scholar, the judge, the attorney, and the student, following
the sometimes hard path that James Boyd White set for himself to follow.


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