Poetry & Legal Humor

James D. DuPuy, Mary Laura Philpott
Poetic Justice: Legal Humor In Verse
Poetic Justice, LLC, 2013, 100 pp.
ISBN: 978-0989140102

The perfect gift for the lawyers in your life — for law school graduation, birthdays, firm holiday gifts, retirement, or just because. More than 70 vignettes from life in the practice of law are rendered here as wryly humorous poems. Each one stands alone as the sort of snapshot one lawyer might forward along to another for a laugh or a knowing nod. Together, they comprise a collection to be treasured by anyone who has lived through law school, first jobs, thrilling victories, eye-opening disappointments, and the lifestyle particular to this career choice. This book is not about laughing at lawyers. It’s about laughing with them. It’s for everyone who’s in on the joke: Everyone who has witnessed the madness and met the quirky characters in this field. Everyone who, even just for a second, has wondered if they should have gone to medical school, culinary school… anything other than law school. Everyone who has ever sat down at the end of an evening and thought, “No one would even believe me if I told them about my day.» We believe you.

James D. DuPuy is an attorney in Charlotte (North Carolina).

Mary Laura Philpott is an writer in Atlanta (Georgia)

Authors donate a portion of book proceeds to WomensLaw.org, The WomensLaw Project of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.


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