Títeres y derecho. La Justicia y las justicias de Sancho en ópera para marionetas

Quijote, El juicio de Sancho, II, 45 Amberes, por Juan Bautista Verdussen, 1697

José Calvo González

Títeres y derecho. La Justicia y las justicias de Sancho en la ópera para marionetas, Vida do grande D. Quixote de la Mancha e do gordo Sancho Pança, de António José da Silva (1705-1739)
Puppets and Law. Justice and prosecutions of Sancho in the opera for puppets » The Life of the Great Don Quixote de la Mancha and the Fat Sancho Pança», by António José da Silva

Taking as a subject the comic opera for puppets written by António José da Silva in 1733, the essay analyses the scene IV of Part Two at three levels. At the first level it explores the interpretation of the Justice and functions of its iconography, where da Silva/Sancho Pança are fierce iconoclasts. At the second level the paper aims to verify the hypothesis of «absence of original» that connects the scene IV with The Fall (1956) by Albert Camus and the concept of «non-place» by Michel Foucault. Finally, at the third level, the essay analyses Justice’s seriousness in the world of carnival through some ideas by Mikhail Bakhtin

Key Words :

Comedy and Law. Legal languages. Theatre. Puppets. Quixote.

Publicado en ESSAYS ISLL [ITALIAN SOCIETY FOR LAW AND LITERATURE] Collection 2012, vol. 5. pp. 1-35.
ISSN 2035 – 553X

Disponible en http://www.lawandliterature.org/area/documenti/Calvo%20-%20Titeres%20y%20derecho%20-%202012.pdf

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