Odia el delito y compadece al delincuente, por José Calvo González

Odia el delito, y compadece al delincuente, dibujo de Luis Quintanilla (1893-1978) . Estampas y dibujos en el legado de Paul Quintanilla.

Luis Quintanilla (1893-1978) : estampas y dibujos en el legado de Paul Quintanilla
Exposición Paraninfo de la Universidad de Cantabria, 26 mayo-16 julio 2005
Esther López Sobrado, comisaria
Santander: Universidad de Cantabria : Caja Cantabria : Fundacion Bruno Alonso, 2005

José Calvo González, «Odia el delito, y compadece al delincuente». Memoria de Correccionalismo, Antropología cultural y Literatura popular [Hate crime, and pity the criminal». Memory of Correctionalism, Cultural anthropology and Popular literature]. Publicado en ISLL Papers (A collection of papers submitted to the Italian Society for Law and Literature, edited by M. Paola Mittica). Disponible en: http://www.lawandliterature.org/area/documenti/Calvo%20%202011.pdf

The work covers the circumstances of misleading ascription to the writer Concepción Arenal (1820-1893) as creator the slogan «Hate crime, and pity the criminal». Place the place and date on which this author is mentioned and its context and scope. Determines the direction of the reference according theory of correctionalism to a new horizon; that of social reintegration based on the principle of fraternity. Also use of cultural anthropology and popular literature to show the excesses and deficits of interpretation of the idea of fraternity among the pious institutions (Compagnia del Santissimo Crocifisso in Italy, XVI-XIX centuries) and mendicant groups (Hermandad de Ciegos de Madrid in Spain, XVI-XIX centuries) related to offenders sentenced to death. Finally, the Author suggests that the motto «Hate crime, and pity the criminal» back in the news as a marker of our convictions in the field of public morality and the idea of Human Dignity.

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