Derecho y Literatura. Modelo pedagógico

Austin Sarat, Cathrine O. Frank & Matthew Anderson (eds.)
Teaching law and literatureModern Language Association of America, New York, 2011, 510 pp.
ISBN: 9781603290920
This volume provides a resource for teachers interested in learning about the field of law and literature and shows how to bring its insights to bear in their classrooms, both in the liberal arts and in law schools. Essays in the first section, «Theory and History of the Movement,» provide a retrospective of the field and look forward to new developments. The second section, «Model Courses,» offers readers an array of possibilities for structuring courses that integrate legal issues with the study of literature, from The Canterbury Tales to current prison literature. In «Texts,» the third section, guidance is provided for teaching not only written documents (novels, plays, trial reports) but also cultural objects: digital media, Native American ceremonies, documentary theater, hip-hop. The volume’s forty-one contributors investigate what constitutes law and literature and how each informs the other.


Introduction 1

Austin Sarat, Cathrine O. Frank, and Matthew Anderson

Part I: Theory and History of the Movement

The Cultural Background of The Legal Imagination 29

James Boyd White

Law and Literature as Survivor 40

Richard H. Weisberg

Law, Literature: Where Are We? 61

Peter Brooks

Law, Literature, and the Vanishing Real: On the Future

of an Interdisciplinary Illusion 71

Julie Stone Peters

Law, Literature, and Cultural Unity:

Between Celebration and Lament 86

Robert Weisberg

Literature, Culture, and Law at Duke University 98

Robin West

Part II: Model Courses

Where the Evidence Leads:

Teaching Gothic Novels and the Law 117

Diane Hoeveler

Making Crime Pay in the Victorian Novel Survey Course 126

Lisa Rodensky

Teaching Legal Realism: A Senior Seminar

on the Realist Novel and the Law 136

Ayelet Ben-Yishai

American Undead: Teaching the Cultural Life of Civil Death 147

Caleb Smith

Teaching Legal Fiction: Law and The Canterbury Tales 155

Mary Flowers Braswell

Teaching Early Modern Literature

through the Ancient Constitution 162

Peter C. Herman

Law and Drama in the Romantic Era: A Model Course 172

Victoria Myers

Immigration, Law, and American Literature 180

Alex Feerst

Vital Visions: On Teaching Prison Literature 189

D. Quentin Miller

Using Critical Race Theory to Teach

African American Literature 197

Patricia D. Watkins

The Legal and Literary Animal 206

Alyce Miller

Native American Literature, Ceremony, and Law 217

Cristine Soliz and Harold Joseph

Free Speech and Free Love: The Law and Literature

of the First Amendment 225

Hilary Schor and Nomi Stolzenberg

“The Gollum Problem”: Teaching Performance

and/as Intellectual Property 234

Philip Auslander

Literary Evidence and Legal Aesthetics 244

Simon Stern

An Introduction to Law and Literature for English Majors 253

Brook Thomas

Law and Literature as Cultural and Aesthetic Products:

Studying Interdisciplinary Texts in Tandem 262

Valerie Karno

Literature and Law Lite: Approaches in Surveys and

General Education Courses 268

Bridget M. Marshall

Part III: Texts

Measure for Measure: No Remedy 279

Elliott Visconsi

Bleak House and the Connections between Law and Literature 288

Kieran Dolin

Guilty Reading: Obscenity Law, American Modernism,

and the Case for Teaching Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie 296

Florence Dore

Literature in Its Legal Context: Kafka 307

Theodore Ziolkowski

Dostoevsky and the Law 314

Harriet Murav

Law and Literature of the Hebrew Bible 323

Chaya Halberstam

Law and Revenge Violence: From Saga to Modern Fiction 333

David H. Fisher

Teaching Eighteenth-Century Law and Literature:

The Adventures of Rivella 345

Susan Sage Heinzelman

Law, Literature, and Feminism: Broadening the Canon

with New Texts 354

Nancy S. Marder

Neutrality in Law and Literature: Reading the

Supreme Court with Joseph Conrad 366

Ravit Reichman

How Rhetoric Shapes Cultural Legitimacy:

Teaching Law Students the Moral Syllogism 375

Greg Pingree

Roger Williams and the Law and Literature

of Colonial New England 385

Nan Goodman

Sangrado and the Cloven Foot: A Case

in Teaching Eighteenth-Century Law 394

Linda Myrsiades

Performing the Law in Contemporary Documentary Theater 407

Jacqueline O’Connor

“Fight the Power”: Hip-Hop in the Law

and Literature Classroom 415

Richard Schur

Ten Kinds of Law and Literature Texts You Haven’t Read 425

Lenora Ledwon

American Blueprints: Alternative Declarations

and Constitutions in the Protest Tradition 436

Zoe Trodd

Notes on Contributors 447

Works Cited 453

Index 497

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