Law and Literature. Switzerland

Barbara Pozzo (ed.),
Teaching Law Through the Looking Glass of Literature
Stämpfli Verlag, Berna, 2010, 134 pp.
ISBN-13: 9783727298257
ISBN-10: 3727298251

Law and Literature has a long history at American Universities. More recently the Law and Literature movement has begun to develop its own path at European Universities as well. The interest of European Law schools towards the Law and Literature movement should be quite evident. As law professors we need to face the question of the efficacy of our teaching tools. Law and Literature can help us to convey a better understanding of the role of the law and of lawyers in an historical perspective. This is especially true when we approach legal systems that do not belong to the Western Legal Tradition, but that involve a set of values profoundly rooted in a particular conception of society. In these cases, Literature can be used as a key in understanding the social impact of particular legal institutions, whose nature seem difficult to catch in the eye of the European scholar. Teaching Law through the looking glass of Literature may enable us to detect and to convey to students the deepest relations between law and language, law and culture, law and society, and to understand the profound values that lie behind the curtain of the law.

Barbara Pozzo,
James Boyd White
The Legal Imagination and the Beginning of Modern Law and Literature
Willem Witteveen
What is Lost and Found in Translation
François Ost
The Law as Mirrored in Literature
Jeanne Gaakeer
Law and Literature in Europe: a First Pragmatic Inquiry
Michele Graziadei
Comparative (Law and) Literature
Bruno Cavallone
François Rabellais and Procedural Justice
Barbara Pozzo
Asuitable Boy, or the Debate about the Abolition of Feudalims in India
Silvia Ferreri
Law and Literature: a Number of Open Questions in Italian Experience
Jeanne Gaakeer
APPENDIX I to “Law and Literature in Europe: a first pragmatic inquiry”
Jeanne Gaakeer
APPENDIX II to “Law and Literature in Europe: a first pragmatic inquiry”
List of Contributors

Barbara Pozzo is Full Professor of Private Comparative Law, Department of Law and Economics of Firms and Persons, University of Insubria (Varese. Italia).

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