Narrativas del maternalismo.

Raymond D. Hilliard

Ritual Violence and the Maternal in the British Novel, 1740-1820

BucknellUniversityPress,Lewisburg. Pennsylvania, 2010

316 pp.

ISBN 0-8387-5750-5

This book brings to light a mythic dimension of seventeen important eighteenth and early nineteenth-century narratives that revolve around the persecution of one or more important female characters, and offers original readings of novels byRichardson,Fielding,Burney,Radcliffe,Godwin,Austen,Scott, and others. The myth in question, which Raymond Hilliard calls «the myth of persecution and reparation,» serves as a major vehicle for the early novel’s preoccupation with the «mother», a mythic figure distinct from the historical mother or from the mother as she is represented in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century maternal ideology. Hilliard argues that the myth of persecution and reparation derives fromthe topos of female sacrifice in the romance tradition,and shows that this topos is central to several kinds of novels – realist, Gothic, Jacobin, feminist, and historical. Hilliard contends that the narrative of persecution and reparation anticipatesthe twentieth-century maternal mythassociated with the work of Melanie Klein and other «relational model» psychoanalytic theorists, and he thus also examines the psychosexual significance of the «mother». Hilliard explores the relation of psychosexual themes to social representations, and delineates a new theory of plot -both tragic and comic plots- in the early novel.

Raymond F. Hilliardis Professor of English at the University of Richmond. In addition to serving for twelve years as Chair of the Department, he has taught a variety of courses on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, as well as courses on the modern and contemporary novel and on narrative theory. He has published articles in SEL, Studies in Philology, PMLA, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, and Eighteenth-Century Life.

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